CCA Awards Ceremony

On 21 May, the College held the annual CCA Awards Ceremony, honouring students who have made outstanding contributions to their CCA. On this day, we asked the parents of the awardees how they felt about their child’s achievement, how they’ve helped their child in their CCA journey and what they think of the opportunities the College provides for students to excel in their CCAs.

Ong Sin Kee, Basketball (Girls) Captain

Interview 1

From left to right: Ong Sin Yee (Sister), Sin Kee and June Tan (Mother)

“We’re very proud of her because she has always been playing basketball since she was in primary school and it’s good to see that she has achieved in something that she has interest in. There’s not much I can do for her, but when she’s at home and she’s tired, or if there’s anything she wants to complain about, I’ll listen to her and let her pour her heart out to me if she needs me.” – Ong Sin Yee, sister of Ong Sin Kee

Tang Guang Yan, Football

Interview 2

From left to right: Tang Guang Yan, Tang Joo Sin (Father) and Leyau Bok Lan (Mother)

“I feel very proud of my son because I’ve been with him throughout his tournament and I’ve seen the hard work that he and his teammates have put in, and I believe they deserve their spot in the finals this year. I’ve attended every football game, supporting my son and the team whenever I’m free. I think [NYJC] is a good school for footballers to be in as they also allow students to participate in external CCAs as long as they can manage their studies.” – Tang Joo Sin, father of Tang Guang Yan

Muhammad Hakim bin Idris, Football (Captain)

Interview 3

From left to right: Muhammad Hakim bin Idris, Idris bin Abdul Rahman (Father)

“Of course as a parent I feel proud and happy for him. Most importantly, it is because of his effort and his team support – it’s all about a team playing together to achieve. Their sincere interest, determination and their college’s support allowed him and the team to achieve. So far I leave him to manage his own time between his studies and CCA.  I also follow up on the results of the game. Even if I am working, I will ask for the results of the game, what they had lost in and discuss how to win the next game. I think NYJC’s teachers, coach and principals are very supportive and very encouraging. They guide the students’ on the proper way to balance their studies and CCA, which is very important now.” – Idris bin Abdul Rahman, Father of Muhammad Hakim bin Idris

After stepping down from CCA commitments, our team hopes that you and your parents are equally proud of whatever contributions you have made to your CCA. With this, we wish everyone all the best in the upcoming examinations!

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