SIG Bazaar + Concert 2015

SIG, which stands for student interest group, is one of the unique trademark programmes offered by NYJC. How an SIG works is that it is set up by a group of students who have a common interest in a particular area, be it a game or a genre of music. It is not the same as a CCA as SIGs are created based on students’ interest and activities carried out are decided upon by the students. In this way it provides a great platform for students to interact and build friendships with others that have similar interests.

On Wednesday, 11 March 2015, during the common lunch break, the highly anticipated SIG Bazaar was held to showcase the talents of the various SIGs. There are many different kinds of SIGs available in the college featuring diverse interests and skills. SIGs in NYJC include the Chess Club, J-Fire, Korzy, NY Acoustic Movement, NY Musicians Club, Film and Books Society, Ministry of Recreational Games, NYCubers and the newly created Public Speaking SIG.

All the SIGs set up their own booths along the seashell wall, with posters containing brief information on what their specific SIG was about. The J2 seniors were also present to answer all of the J1’s queries. While these booths alone already drew our attention, the main attraction of the bazaar was the SIG concert held in LT4.

From the start of the common lunch break, students started to enter LT4 to book their seats so that they could have a good view of the concert. The popularity of the SIG concert was evident from the fact that the whole LT was literally packed, with students occupying almost all the seats and even having to sit on the steps! The concert started as the emcees took the stage, gearing the audience up for the performances put up by Nanyang Musician Club (NYMC), Acoustic Movement(AM), J-fire and Korzy. Nanyang Musician Club kicked off the show to a great start, performing songs such as Maps by Maroon 5. Their catchy tunes had the crowd clapping and singing along with them (myself included!).

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.43.24 PMNanyang Musician Club performing at SIG Bazaar

 Acoustic Movement then took over, impressing the audience with their vocals, singing songs such as the A team by Ed Sheeran. Following that, it was time for the dance performances to take the stage with Jfire dancing to Japanese songs such as Unravel by TK from popular Japanese band Ling tosite sigure. Being the only 2 dance SIGs, JFire and Korzy showed their close friendship by having a collaboration performance of both Japanese and Korean songs. Members of both SIGs came together to perform the Japanese song Remote Control by Guriri and the Korean song Happiness by Red Velvet. If you missed the collaboration performance, you can check it out through the video below!

Korzy then wrapped up the concert, dancing to hit Korean songs like Good Boy by Taeyang and G-Dragon from the wildly popular Korean group Big Bang. At the climax of the song “Good Boy”, Korzy had the audience cheering wildly with their hip twirling move.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.43.39 PM

Korzy performing their “hip-twirling” dance move

You can check out their performance through the video below!

Throughout the concert, the audience showed their massive support for the performers by cheering loudly for them and giving them their fullest attention, applauding before and after every performance. At one point, the crowd even erupted into shouts of “Encore! Encore! Encore!” I am pretty sure that the brilliant performances during the concert would have inspired many of the J1s to join the various SIGs. To any other J1s who are interested in an SIG but have yet to join, do not be shy to pursue your interest since SIGs are a great platform to make friends and meet people you share common interests with!  We look forward to seeing the next SIG performance which would include the newly recruited J1s!

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