A short getaway for the weekends


The weekend is here, and one ought to make the best of it rather than just be confined to the books. Everyone needs a break once in a while, so instead of being a prisoner to the books, why not take a break? For this weekend, we’ve come up with some ideas on what you can do to chill out!


  1. Catch a movie

The quintessential Singaporean thing to do: catch a movie. Movies are a short 1.5 to 2 hour form of escapism into another world, either alone or with loved ones. They bring a thrill that is lacking in our everyday lives. Here are a list of the latest movies that are showing —


Cinderella performing her chores as a maid

Credits: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cinderella_2015_20.jpg


The all-too-familiar scene, where the evil stepsister walks down the grand staircase

 Credits: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cinderella_2015_25.jpg


Certainly, this is a movie that appeals to the female population, while the male population cringe at this fairytale. For girls, it is a chance to relive their childhood dreams of finding Prince Charming (yes, we are now enlightened to the fact that none exist in reality… still, a girl can dream!).

Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen


Frogmen? As in… creatures that live on both land and water?


In award-winning director Jack Neo’s latest installment, Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen, the all-too-familiar cast enters the Naval Diving Unit instead of the Army. What challenges will they face? How will they overcome the odds? I’m sure we are more than keen to find out!


2)  Go cafe-hopping

There’s no doubt that many Singaporean go ga-ga over cafes, hence the sudden surge in cafes. Though cafe-hopping can take a toll on the wallet, but a little research and careful planning can help save you some dollars while still soaking in the soothing ambience and insta-worthy moments.


Glacier Cafe is a colourful yogurt cafe located along Orchard Gateway, and is one of the first shops to sell yoghurt topped over waffles.

It is currently having a one-for-one promotion till the end of March, so if you are free, be sure to drag a friend along to enjoy a sweet (and slightly sour) treat!


Multi-coloured yoghurt- one for each flavour and personality

Sir Antonio’s Cafe


Interior of The Sir Antonio Cafe

Credits: https://roundtumtums.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/screen-shot-2013-10-14-at-12-49-48-pm.jpg

This cafe is especially well-known for its cakes in a jar, which can be eaten either at the cafe while enjoying the atmosphere and impeccable service, or on the go. They can also be a gift for your loved ones! The most famous flavour is the tiramisu cake so be sure to give it a shot. If desserts are not your thing, fret not because they also have a dine-in menu!


Tiramisu Cake in a jar

Credits: http://darrenbloggie.com/2013/11/29/meet-sir-antonio-at-the-tiramisu-hero-cafe/

Chye Seng Huat Hardware


Yes, we were deceived by its name too. No, it is not a hardware store.  It has a very rustic feel, ala Singapore in the 1950s, what with the shuttered metal gates and paneled doors. It is a popular cafe known for its coffee and is a touted to be a must-try for coffee lovers.


Rustic metal doors of the cafe 



Vibrant interior where customers get a clear view of the baristas preparing coffee


Coffee with a slice of brownie

Credits: http://www.ladyironchef.com/2013/01/chye-seng-huat-hardware-singapore/


3) Experience Nature


Treetop Walk, MacRitchie


Many of us would have been to MacRitchie for a last minute 2.4km run, or for yearly cross-countries, but how many of us actually know about its tree top walk? It is a free-standing suspension bridge which offers a splendid view of nature and the surrounding animal life, so be sure to check it out the next time you head over to MacRitchie!

4) Capture some fun photos at the Trickeye Museum!

We’ve all fallen victim to the blue-black vs. white-gold dress saga, and most of us certainly have questioned the veracity of our eyes. Well, if you experienced some confusion over the ACTUAL colour, there will be more confusion at Singapore’s Trickeye Museum!


THE DRESS that confounded us all


Is she flying? Or…?

Credits:  http://cdn.thesmartlocal.com/images/easyblog_images/1526/P1012139-Copy_20140609-033326_1.JPG


 Everyone becomes a magician’s assistant here at Trickeye Museum!

Credits: http://cdn.thesmartlocal.com/images/easyblog_images/1526/P1012077-Copy_20140609-033301_1.JPG


Let’s face it, the idea of a museum conjures up the image of boring old relics which have little personal appeal to us. The Trickeye Museum will probably be the only museum that appeals to teenagers like us, so be sure to stop by and embrace the many optical illusions!

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island

Singapore 098269


Tickets are affordably priced, and there is even a 10% discount if you book online!

 From catching a short movie to experiencing nature, there is a multitude of things to do when you need a break from the stress of everyday life! Never forget that you do deserve a break once in a while 🙂

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