A Level Results 2015

For our recently graduated alumni, the 2nd of March was a day filled with tension and uncertainty. As the current J2s and the 2014 graduates filed into the hall, the excitement was almost palpable. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the news of how our school performed. It reminded me of my own O level results release just a year ago and all of the anxiety and anticipation I felt. I’m sure what our seniors felt was far more intense.

Graduated students gathering in the hall for the release of A level results

The talk started off with Mr Kwek announcing the good news that our seniors did very well, performing better than the national averages for several subjects. As the announcements of the students who made it to the honour roll followed, cheers and applause rang throughout the hall as NYJCians celebrated the success of our fellow schoolmates. There were many different reactions from the students on the honour roll as they went up on stage to shake Mr Kwek’s hand. Some hugged him, some laughed while some even took a selfie with him.

Excited student on the honour roll taking a selfie with Mr Kwek

We spoke to the three honour roll students who scored 7 distinctions to share with us their studying tips.


  • Plan your time well and create a detailed schedule.
  • Do remember to take rests to recharge and eat a lot
  • Go for consultations with your teachers and aim to finish the whole paper during the examination Interview2
  • Study in groups with your friends
  • Be consistent as there is no use in cramming
  • Rest well and get 8-9 hours of sleep daily
  • Remember to take care of your health and be mindful not to fall sick
  • Although it will get stressful, do not neglect family and friends.


  • Draw economics mind maps for yourself to help you remember better
  •  Study smart and be consistent in your revision.
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.53.03 PM
Students on the honour roll taking a commemoration photo together

Many tears were undoubtedly shed that day, whether in happiness or sadness, and it left a big impact on many of the J2s. Seeing the graduates receiving their results made me realise just how close my own A levels are and that I really need to get serious if I want to be as successful as our seniors. Let us all work hard and work together so that we can perform as well as our graduated seniors. We also congratulate all of our seniors on their A level results!

Credit: Nanyang JC Website and Nanyang JC Facebook

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