Tasty Dollars


Need a break from the food in the canteen? Ever wanted to go out with your OG, but don’t know any inexpensive places?

In this special feature, we’ll recommend some of the tastiest eats around NYJC to help you with your food dilemma!


Wimbly Lu Chocolates (credits: augustman)

If you’re looking for an after school snack or dessert, you should try Wimbly Lu Chocolates. As its name suggests, it specialises in chocolate creations. With creations like Nutella Chocolate Pie and Chocolate Marshmallow Pie, the items on the menu sound 100% delectable, and prices are rather decent for an upscale café, with desserts as cheap as $3!


Waffle with Ice Cream

One thing you definitely have to try is their Waffle with Ice Cream (above). It costs only $8.50 and is delivered to your table in less than15 minutes! The texture of the waffle is fluffy, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. One can tell it must take a great deal of effort to make the batter, for it certainly will be one of the best waffles you have tasted. Wimbly Lu’s waffle with ice cream is definitely a must-have. We recommend that you try it with some chocolate sauce and chocolate truffle flavoured ice cream – it’s a heavenly combination!

Wimbly Lu Chocolates
15-2 Jalan Riang, 358987


For us JC students, fast food is our common choice of sustenance. If you’re sick of just having McDonalds or KFC, head down to Nex to try Hot Tomato if you haven’t! The Hot Tomato student lunch specials are affordably priced at $9.50 (nett!). You have a choice of main courses such as the sirloin steak with aglio olio and dory fish and chips, which come with free flow of drinks. Our recommendation is the sirloin steak with aglio olio. For a sizeable portion of steak coupled with spaghetti, this set meal proves to be one that is worth every cent spent on it. Don’t get your hopes up because the steak isn’t mind-blowing or earth shattering, but it very much serves its purpose of being a nice treat to fill your tummy with. We hope you’re convinced that this is a superb lunch option.

Hot Tomato
23 Serangoon Central Mall #B1- 47 Singapore 556083


Not too far from Hot Tomato is yet another eatery with a good range of choices on their student meal menu. Mad Jack’s student menu consists of your typical western fare such as the linguini in cream sauce, and even features a local favourite – nasi lemak! Costing only $6.45 (before GST), the portions and quality of the food are worth each buck.


Mad and Rich Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

Mad Jack is also known for their tasty cakes such as the Mad and Rich chocolate cake (above). Served with a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream, this cake is sure to leave you drooling and wishing for more with its thick, chocolatey taste that lingers in your mouth for quite some time. We must say that this definitely had us returning for more!

Mad Jack
#B1-27, 23 Serangoon Central Singapore 556083

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