Orientation 2015! (Novum Finium)

Novum Finium, or new frontiers, refer to vast areas that have yet to be explored.

For J1s, these new frontiers are the new demands and expectations that come with JC life, where both subject requirements and timetables are vastly different from secondary school.

Spanning over 5 days, this year’s orientation, titled Novum Finium marked the start of the J1s’ rollercoaster-like journey in NYJC.


J1s in their various orientation groups doing cheers together

The J1s who came from different secondary schools all over Singapore were grouped into 4 different houses: Neo, Yaeger, Jaco and Calex, each with 7 orientation groups. The storyline for this year’s orientation is as follows:

  • In 2051, the evil Nojojojo created a time machine that allowed him to travel back in time.
  • Secret agent Neo found out and tried to stop him but was tricked and sent back to year 2015. Due to complications, 3 other heroes, Yaeger, Jaco and Calex, from different time periods were sent back in time to the year 2015.
  • In order to stop Nojojojo from dominating the different time periods, the 4 heroes have to work together to find a way back to the future to defeat Nojojojo.


The 4 mascots for Jaco, Yaeger, Neo and Calex (from left to right)

Background information of the mascots for the various orientation groups

  • Neo (in green), an intelligent and resourceful spy from New York.
  • Yaeger(in yellow), a compassionate daughter of a North American chief clan.
  • Jaco(in blue), a multi-talented artist who is highly imaginative and creative.
  • Calex (in red), the courageous and chivalrous Royal Vanguard of King Arthur II.

As I watched the J1s swarming into school in their different uniforms and moving around the school in their orientation groups, it led me to recall my orientation where the theme was Prima Volta, also known as new beginnings. The storyline for Prima Volta was a group of detectives – Novus, Yuna, Justo and Caspar, who were recruited by NYJC to help locate a group of students who had gone missing in school.

Be it Prima Volta or Novum Finium, storylines form the main core of orientation because all the games and activities are created based on the specific themes for the year. Not only does this give them a sense of purpose as there is a clear goal they have to achieve by the end of orientation, it also makes the games more fun as they contribute to part of the storyline.

Helmed by the Student Council and Orientation Group Leaders, this year’s orientation incorporated a number of activities to help J1s get to know one another better and also familiarise themselves with the college. Let us revisit some of the main highlights of Novum Finium

Highlight #1: Mass Dance


J1s learning the tutting” move of the mass dance together in the hall 

All the J1s came together to learn the mass dance choreographed by the Dance Society which consisted of a mash-up of 3 songs: Down by Jay Sean, I got a feeling by Black Eyed Peas and Domino by Jessie J. Many enjoyed dancing to the sped up versions of the songs and learning new moves like ‘tutting’ which involved fast paced hand motions.

Check out the link for the mass dance tutorial so that you can learn the moves for yourself!

Highlight #2: Subject Fiesta

subject fiesta

J1s visiting the booths set up in the hall and asking questions to a J2 senior

Before the students decided on their subject combinations, they attended the Subject Fiesta where teachers from the different subject departments conducted talks on the various requirements of each subject. Information posters were also set up for the J1s to learn more about each subject. It aimed to help them to make informed choices on which subject combination would be best for them. It gave the J1s a peek into what they can expect for the academic part of JC life and helped prepare them for the future.

Highlight #3: Icebreaker Games


J1s playing the “string” game that required a lot of cooperation and communication

Throughout the orientation, the J1s were also involved in a series of game stations set up for them all over the school. This was the prime chance for them to bond with their orientation group (OG) and form lasting friendships since the rigour of JC life would leave them with little time to make new friends later on. It also served as an introductory tour of the campus and for them to get to know the school’s facilities better.

Highlight #4: Gardens by the Bay


J1s gathering and awaiting instructions from the OGLs at Gardens by the Bay

The J1s were brought to Gardens by the Bay for their OOCA (Out of college activity) where they participated in more games like “Timebomb”, “Squeeze” and “Dog and Bone” set up by the game masters all over the area. It was a refreshing change away from school as the J1s could enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery. The team-bonding games they played were different from those held in school as they made use of the surrounding greenery and buildings to give the J1s fresh experience.

Highlight #5: CCA Bazaar


Guzheng Ensemble performing in LT4 during CCA Bazaar

The CCA Bazaar was held to introduce the various CCAs to the J1s, who watched performances by the various performing arts CCAs such as Choir, Chinese Orchestra and Symphonic Band. The bazaar also comprised of CCAs booths set up all around the school by various CCAs to provide more information so that the J1s could choose the right CCA for them.

Highlight #6: End of orientation


J1s dancing to the music during disco night 

Novum Finium 2015 ended on a high note with a video montage of the pictures taken over the past 5 days and bloopers of the Student Council during the filming of the storyline videos. There was also the highly anticipated Disco Night where the J1s were able to party and dance together, celebrating the end to their orientation and the start of their time in JC.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. As the J1s embark on their JC journey, orientation will remain a precious memory to them, fuelling them with the motivation they need to excel in JC.

Credits: Nanyang Photographic Society for the photos

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